Vorhandenes Archiv wird nicht mehr durchsucht - existing archive is no longer searched

nach der Neuinstallation von windows11 64bit und Openpaperwork wird das bestehende Archiv nicht mehr durchsucht. Was kann man tun?
Vielen Dank.

after reinstalling windows11 64bit and Openpaperwork the existing archive is not searched anymore. What can be done?

Many thanks.


By “archive”, do you mean the work directory in which your documents are stored ?

Yes, My Paperwork machine stored the scanned documents into D:\Documents\Archiv.

If I leave the search field blank, all documents are previewed and I can open them. As soon as I make an entry in the search field, nothing is found and all previews I can´t see.

I suspect OCR is not working properly and continue to ask for help.

I looked at the logs you sent. In the background you have errors “database is locked”. It’s a known bug. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce it on my side yet, and I have no idea yet what causes it :frowning: .