Using openpaper/paperwork as a client server software

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I am absolutely new to paperwork (or is it openpaper?) and I saw the project homepage. Looks great, but seems to be a single workstation solution. But I could be wrong about that. Is it possible to install a backend on a linux server and then to interact with it from several Windows clients?

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Paperwork is the main project on, but not the only one (there are also libinsane, pyocr, etc).

If you want to use Paperwork on many computers, you must just keep the work directory synchronized. I for one use Nextcloud and Nextcloud Desktop to synchronize my work directory across many computers. but you can use anything you want (Syncthing, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc).
Paperwork rescans the work directory every time it starts. So when it starts, it will automatically pick up the changes that have been synchronized from the other computers.

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