Survey as part of my bachelor thesis on the topic of "Diffusion rate of OS business software"


my name is Rezan Kedik.

At the moment I am writing my thesis on the topic of “Diffusion rate of open source business software”.

I wanted to ask if some of you (community) would be willing to do a quick survey.

You would conduct the survey using the software “Paperwork”.
Under the following link, you can conduct the survey: Diffusion rate of OS business software

I would be very grateful for any help.

With best regards
Rezan Kedik


Paperwork is not business software. It’s designed for individual (or family). It’s very unlikely it would be able to handle the amount of documents of a company (at best, a small company or foundation I guess).

I’m gong to modify slightly the phrasing on the homepage to make it more obvious.

Best regards,


i see. Thank you for your response.

Nevertheless, I would be glad, if some of you would conduct the survey.

Best regards