Split + Merge PDF files

Sometimes I forget clicking on “new document” so when I scan the new stuff it gets added to my recent document. This is not helpful, as I have to delete every single scanned page afterwards from the new document.
“split document at Page 5” or something like that would be super helpful.

On the other hand I’d love to have two documents, like from the same electricity provider and merge them instead of scanning both documents right after each other.


Actually my wife often do the same mistake :slight_smile:

To fix it, you can drag-n-drop pages. Just make sure to be in grid mode, or it won’t work (in page mode, click+drag will select words in pages).

I must admit drag-n-drop is not intuitive at all. I think I will add an option in the menu to move the current page either to a new document or at a specific position.

Haha, much appreciated, I would never have guessed drag & drop could work :wink: