Some question on Paperwork

Dear Sir or Madam,

i am studying business informatic and am currently writing my bachelor thesis and my topic is “Analysis of the relationships between OpenSource Enterprise Software”. I’m currently analyzing your software and can’t find the information they I want. Therefore I hope that you can help me and maybe answer the questions.

  1. Was your software created through a forking
  2. If so, when was it forked and was there a reason?
  3. When was your software created?
  4. Has been the software a renamed? if so, when?

I hope you can help me.

Many Thanks!


Please note that Paperwork is not “Enterprise software”. It’s made for individuals only. It is probably unable to support the amount of documents an enterprise has.

  1. No, it’s not a fork.
  2. According to git, the first lines of code were written June 2011 ; but I discussed this project publicly for the first time only in May 2013 ; The first release was July 2013.
  3. I initially named it “DtGrep” (June 2011). It was never released under this name. And this name was a really crappy name, so I renamed it into Paperwork September 2011.

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