[SOLVED] Stop paperwork-cli from guessing page orientation

Hi everyone,

I use “paperwork-cli import” to batch import documents. The built-in feature for guessing the page orientation screws up a lot for me. Is there an argument I can give to paperwork-cli to skip the orientation thing and just import the document as is? I couldn’t find anything in the man page that would suggest this.

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You can disable the plugin guessing page orientations:

paperwork-cli plugins remove paperwork_backend.guesswork.orientation.pyocr

To put it back:

paperwork-cli plugins reset  # or add paperwork_backend.guesswork.orientation.pyocr

Beware that Paperwork updates may re-enable this plugin.

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Works like a charm, thank you. I’ll keep an eye out for changes to this when I update, thanks for the heads-up.