Scansnap s1300i not recognized

The scanner is not recognized and doesn’t appear…instead i have : no scanner.
Can you help me ? ( OS.: win10)


Unfortunately, not all scanners can be supported by Paperwork. Only scanners that comes with support for TWAIN or WIA2 can be supported. Many Fujitsu scanners support neither.

One simple way to know is: can you use your scanner with an other third-party application ? (–> one that doesn’t come from Fujitsu).

If you can’t, then no luck.

If you can, then it’s probably a bug in Paperwork (for instance, it seems TWAIN support doesn’t always work). In that case, reporting a bug with the feature built-in in Paperwork would be helpful as it automatically sends Paperwork’s logs to Or you can download and run IronScanner: it would collect similar data but also add your scanner to the scanner database of (it’s already present, but only for Linux).

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