Scan multiple document

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I’ve just found paperwork and it is very close off what I was looking for.
I’m trying latest 2.0 version (downloaded right now) and I’m wondering if i can feed a bunch of different documents to my feeder and then split the pages to different separate documents (wether one page or multiple pages). Is that possible ?
if not, it could be a nice feature.
also, could be nice to recognise barcode or qrcode in document to assist for grouping multiple pages.

thanks you very much already !


It is possible. You can drag-n-drop pages to other documents, including to the fake document “New document”. Droping a page on “New document” will create a new document.

Just make sure you’re in grid layout. Otherwise it will select text in the page instead of moving the page.


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nice, thanks for the tip.
but I not able to do it, maybe a bug.
I can dragndrop a page on an existing document, but not on the new document (i can see the mouse cursor change, but nothing happens when i release the doc on new document).
I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, I’ve never done it …

The only bug I’m aware of regarding drag’n’drop is that it seems to run the OCR uselessly in some cases (if you move a page from a PDF to another document if I’m not mistaken)

If you think you have found a bug, can you reproduce it and then report it please ? (if possible do both in the same Paperwork session)

just done it.
I may have some trouble with an old installation version 1.x.

Actually, that’s a bug. Sorry for that.

Once the build pipeline is finished, you scan simply uninstall and reinstall Paperwork. The installer will automatically fetch the latest version of Paperwork that will include the fix.

I think I’m going to release Paperwork 2.0.1. There are a bunch of other minor bug fixes that have been done since 2.0.


thanks for that, in fact it does work now, I can create new document.
I can confirm the bug you mention for the OCR being run for every page every time I move it to a new document. you seems to be aware of this bug, so I will not open another one ?
another thing would be nice (maybe it does exists) would be to be able to select and move all the pages of a document in one go.

Good point. It was actually already discussed a long time ago on a Github/Gitlab ticket: #132.

I’ll try to consider it for 2.1. But it will most likely end up in 2.2 at best. For 2.1, my main goal is to replace the scanner calibration by pure magic, and it’s going to take me a while.