Scan as PDF

Scanning from within PaperWork creates multiple JPGs. Is it possible to change that to one PDF? Would make my intended workflow su much easier…
So my question: Is there a configuration file or so where I set this to PDF?

And a bug in this context: When I try “Export Document” for a multipage JPG folder to PDF, PaperWork crashes.
I have found this bug report
and this
so I just wait it out :wink:

While doable, the root of the problem is that PDFs are not meant to be modified. For instance in Paperwork, I use Cairo to generate PDF, and the Cairo API is clearly meant to generate a PDF from scratch every time, not to modify one at all ever.

Now, I have a feeling we are facing a XY problem here, so let’s start with what you want to do in a first place. Can you describe what your intended workflow is please ?

Thanks, Jerome, for looking into this.
A good part of the incoming papers I scan I need to share with other people right away. So scanning them into PaperWork, going to the folder and just sending them from there would be the simplest way. Exporting JPGs to one PDF as an additional step would be close to perfect.
But having said this, the absolute number of incoming files is low (20- 30 per week), and using a third party scanning tool is a viable workaround. So if it is difficult or not advisable to add the “Scan to PDF” option to PaperWork, I would just drop the question and stick with my workaround.