Paperwork 2.2.2

Good news everyone ! Paperwork 2.2.2 is out !

What’s new ?

Main changes are:

  • backend: docexport PDF: Workaround Cairo bug that causes occasional crashes when
    exporting to generated PDF
  • backend: export: Add export pipe to export to PDF by automatically selecting the original PDF if available or generating a new one else
  • backend/GTK: make it possible to edit help documents: it seems that this is actually often the first thing that people do try in Paperwork. Help documents are now copied on the fly to the work directory when edited
  • backend: sklearn: Fix stuck progress bar when switching work directories
  • backend: overall improvements regarding support of corrupted documents
  • CLI: disable automatic paging of output. This tends to be actually more annoying than helpful
  • CLI: Fix paperwork-(json|shell) plugins show
  • GTK: doc list layout: do not let a big lengthy label increase the horizontal size
    of the document list.

Reminder: Pypi packages are not updated anymore.


As usual, detailed ChangeLogs can be found here:

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