Paperwork 2.1


Good news everyone, Paperwork 2.1 is out !

Main changes are:

  • GTK: Responsive GUI (thanks to Mjourdan)
  • GTK: Various look-and-feel improvements (thanks to Mjourdan)
  • Backend: Support for multiple work directory: Paperwork keeps the index for each work directory for about a month now (thanks to Timo Klerx)
  • GTK: When exporting a page or a document, an option “send by email” is now available (Linux only) (thanks to Guillaume Girol)
  • Backend: Support for .odt, .docx, etc. Requires LibreOffice (the Flatpak version of Paperwork includes its own stripped-down LibreOffice)
  • Backend: Support for password-protected PDF files
  • Backend: Label guessing is now much more accurate. Unfortunately, it uses also much more resources.

As usual, detailed ChangeLogs can be found here:

Best regards,

NB: The Flathub build is still running at the moment.

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And translation updates I suppose?
Many thanks!

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Of course. You’re right.

Basically, thanks to everybody that contributed to make this release possible. This obviously includes translators, code contributors, testers, documenters, and hopefully soon package maintainers :wink:

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Wonder if it’s worth a note on the Release Notes to say that anyone using the LTS 20.04 release for Ubuntu flavors cannot upgrade to this version. The 20.04 LTS repository packages are stuck at 1.3.. The 21.04 repository has a version of 2.

I tried using the manual install method on my Kubuntu 20.04 (using git, etc.) and a dependency failed for gir1-handy-1 (the only dependency failure btw) which could not be installed due to upstream dependencies. So, I took the plunge and did a distro upgrade to 21.04 and redid the git pull, etc. process. All works well.

I’m using a flatpak installed paperwork, and after every start paperwork says, there is a new version 2.1, but if I do a flatpak update I just get this message:

flatpak update work.openpaper.Paperwork
Looking for updates…
F: Warning: Treating remote fetch error as non-fatal since app/work.openpaper.Paperwork/x86_64/master is already installed: No such ref 'app/
paper.Paperwork/x86_64/master' in remote paperwork-origin
Nothing to do.

My paperwork is 2.0.3-32-g79559adb.

What can I do to get the actual release?

Greetz, Christoph


I would suggest reinstalling Paperwork → same process than when the GPG keys of the Flatpak repository expire:

flatpak --user remove work.openpaper.Paperwork
flatpak --user remote-delete paperwork-origin
flatpak --user install