Paperwork 2.1: testing phase


Good news everyone, what-will-be-Paperwork-2.1 has entered testing phase.

Testing phase is about testing Paperwork but also about translating it. Testing phases usually last about a month or so.

Paperwork 2.1 is now in the branch ‘testing’.

If you use Linux, you can get it using Flatpak:

flatpak --user uninstall work.openpaper.Paperwork  # if it is already installed
flatpak --user install

If you use Windows, you can install it thanks to this installer:

What’s New ?

The main changes are:

  • Responsive GUI (thanks to Mjourdan)
  • Various look-and-feel improvements (thanks to Mjourdan)
  • Support for multiple work directory: Paperwork keeps the index for each work directory for about a month now (thanks to Timo Klerx)
  • When exporting a page or a document, an option “send by email” is now available (Linux only) (thanks to Guillaume Girol)
  • Support for .odt, .docx, etc. Requires LibreOffice (the Flatpak version of Paperwork includes its own stripped-down LibreOffice)
  • Support for password-protected PDF files
  • Label guessing is now much more accurate

So What Now ?

There are still many things that need to be done before releasing Paperwork 2.1. Of course contributions are welcome.

All the changes below will go directly to the Git branch ‘testing’. I will periodically merge the changes from the branch ‘testing’ to the branch ‘develop’.

Testing and stabilization

Feel free to test it and report any bug you find on the bug tracker or using the integrated bug report system.


Translations can be done in Weblate . You can freely register on it.

There are 6 components to translate:

If you need contexts or screenshots for some translations, don’t hesitate to ask me, either in the Paperwork category of this forum or by email. Beware that if you just add comments on Weblate, I am not notified.

If you want to translate Paperwork in languages that are not yet enabled in Weblate, just tell me and I’ll enable them.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,

Best regards,

Hi Jerome,

this is great news!
Are there inconsistencies to be expected using Paperwork 2.0 and 2.1 on the same papers folder alternating?

Do you plan a testing binary for Windows?

Kind regards,


Are there inconsistencies to be expected using Paperwork 2.0 and 2.1 on the same papers folder alternating?

Yes. If you plan on keeping using Paperwork 2.0 beside Paperwork 2.1, do not add password-protected PDF files to your work directory. Doing so would make Paperwork 2.0 crash.

Other than that, it’s fine.

Do you plan a testing binary for Windows?

Thanks for reminding me about the windows version. The following installer will install the latest testing build:

(I’ve updated the original post)

We are getting close. All the tickets for 2.1.0 are closed.
I had add/modify a few strings in the latest commits. So if translators can have a quick look please, that would be perfect. Thanks in advance.
I hope to make the release of 2.1.0 in the coming days.