Paperwork 2.1.2


Good news everyone, Paperwork 2.1.2 is out !

Main changes are:

  • Core-GTK: Show a dialog when the app has been closed by the user and any running background task is still running. Hopefully, it will help for issue #1034 (“sqlite: database is locked”)
  • Core: Fix: Report all uncaught exceptions (for end users, it may mean more error popups, and for me more bug reports …)
  • GTK: Optim: mainwindow.docproperties: optim reload doc properties only if the doc properties are actually visible (it was a huge CPU waste) (thanks to pie@#openpaperwork)
  • Backend: Optim: Cairo renderers (Image/PDF): add a cache
  • Backend: Optim: Cairo image renderer: cairo.ImageSurface.create_for_data() has been implemented and can now be used
  • Backend: autoselect_scanner: workaround: instead of looking for scanners when Paperwork starts, look for a scanner if and only if we failed to find the scanner currently defined in Paperwork’s configuration. With some Sane backends, it’s much safer to not try listing devices when starting.
  • Core-GTK: dependencies: fix: depends on openpaperwork-core
  • Core-GTK: autoscrolling: take into account that Gdk.Cursor.new_for_display() may fail on some systems (wayland-only systems)
  • Backend: ignore files at the root of the work directory
  • Backend: libreoffice converter: fix file descriptor leak
  • Backend: fix test failure with recent pillow (thanks to Guillaume Girol)
  • Shell: import: honor the flag --doc_id.
  • Shell: fix ‘scanner list’
  • GTK: Fix: docview: make sure the currently-active page is always the currently-highlighted one
  • GTK: Fix: docview: remove an obsolete workaround preventing ‘doc_goto_page()’ to work correctly right after a call to ‘doc_open()’
  • GTK: page editor: when clicking apply, make it obvious the user may have to wait. Sometimes Paperwork has already jobs queued and cannot apply the changes immediately → user has to wait

As usual, detailed ChangeLogs can be found here:

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