Paperwork 2.1.1


Good news everyone, Paperwork 2.1.1 is out !

Main changes are:

  • Core / Shell: thread.pool: Fix: take into account that the main loop can started and stopped many times in a Paperwork instance lifetime (broke some paperwork-shell commands in some cases)
  • Core-GTK: Fix: take into account that Cursor.new_for_display() may fail with Wayland
  • Backend: guesswork.label.sklearn: Fix: Handle gracefully documents without text
  • GTK: drop unused dependency on dateutil
  • GTK: Doc deletion: Fix broken spanish translation: Wrong Python formatter has been used
  • GTK: Handle gracefully the case where the package maintainer forgot to include the introduction documents (make docpaperwork-gtk/src/paperwork_gtk/model/help/out/intro.pdf)
  • Shell: Windows: Make sure Fabulous is not actually a required dependency

As usual, detailed ChangeLogs can be found here:

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