Paperwork 2.0.3


I’ve released Paperwork 2.0.3. This is mostly a bug-fixes-only version.

Main changes are:

  • GTK: Doc/page export: Work around bug in Gnome platform 40 (Flatpak) (caused a full crash of Paperwork ; Segfault)
  • GTK: (may be important for package maintainers): “make data” → “”: Download the test documents from a Git repository instead of a .tar.gz. See Gitlab issue #961.
  • GTK: Doc/page export: Fix use of GtkFileChooserNative so Paperwork can exit correctly after its use.
  • Backend/GTK: Take into account Cairo image size limitations (dimensions can’t be higher than 32k). Crop images accordingly if required. (required due to some Fujitsu scanners)
  • GTK: word boxes loading: Add missing progress notification (fixes the background task that remained visible sometimes after boxes were loaded)
  • Shell: Fix “paperwork-json show”: paperwork-json uses document renderers too
  • Shell: Fix crash when using “paperwork-cli rename”
  • Shell: Paperwork-cli/-json search: sort the documents by decreasing dates
  • Backend: OCR: Fix: By default, never run OCR on pages that already have text (in some cases, OCR was run too often).
  • GTK: Import: When importing in an existing document (importing an image), refresh correctly the GUI if the target document is currently opened.
  • GTK: Doc renaming (date change): Prevent the user from giving an invalid name to a document
  • GTK: Doc/page export: Handle gracefully errors (for instance Permission Denied)
  • GTK: LaTeX User manual: various fixes suggested by tomf on Weblate
  • Backend: File import: file extension check must be case-insensitive (".jpeg" and “.JPEG” must be both accepted).
  • Pypi packages: Add LICENSE files in openpaperwork-core, openpaperwork-gtk and paperwork-shell.

Detailed ChangeLog can be found here:

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