Paperwork 2.0.1


I’ve released Paperwork 2.0.1. This is a bug-fixes-only version.

Main changes are:

  • GTK: Fix: take into account that document IDs may not be the expected date+time format (no uncaught exception must be raised in that case)
  • Model: Fix: When the user move a page, they may actually be creating a new document.
  • GTK: doclist: Fix: When the document list, scroll to the currently-opened document.
  • Import: Don’t use the same name for recursive importer and single importer (#940).
  • Import: If the single file importer has matched a file to import, make sure the recursive one doesn’t match it too (#940).
  • Windows: poppler.memory: work around suspected memory leak regarding Gio.MemoryInput.new_from_data()
  • Fix: When thumbnail are deleted by user action, never send them to trash, really delete them instead.
  • Make sure text files (hOCR) are encoded in UTF-8
  • Logs archive + bug report: by default, report the logs of the last 2 previous sessions too
  • settings/calibration: Disable the calibration settings button if no scanner is selected
  • shell: cmd.import: When many importers match, make it clearer to the user that an input is required.

Detailed ChangeLog can be found here:

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What is the recommended way to install at 2.0.1?


It depends on if you want to upgrade or install for the first time:

First installation:


  • Windows: uninstall the current version (it won’t remove your document), go to , download and install the new one (the installer is actually the very same for 2.0.0 and 2.0.1).
  • Linux:
    • Flatpak : flatpak update --user
    • With the package manager of your Linux distribution: It depends on your distribution and whether the packager has already updated the package or not.