Paperwork 2.0.1 under Mint 20.04 does not work

Hi Guys,

I’m new here. I am still using Paperwork version 1.3.1 under Linux Mint 20.04. So far I am also satisfied with it.
Paperwork only writes to me all the time that there is an update. Now I’ve tried it several times, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. The same version is always installed.

Can’t I install the Ubuntu version on Linux Mint? It’s basically the same system.

Can you help me?

LG Stefan


I would advise not mixing packages from Mint and Ubuntu. Also, I would be surprised if the Ubutnu package is more up-to-date than Mint.

You can use the Flatpak version: doc/install.flatpak.markdown · master · World / OpenPaperwork / paperwork · GitLab . This will always be the more up-to-date version you can get.

But if you are fine with 1.3.1, why update ?

Best regards,

I can confirm that Paperwork 2.0.2 (Flathub) installed via the Mint Software Manager works fine on Mint 20.1 Cinnamon