Organizing million of images and access db form different computers

Hello all,
First of all congratulation on this awesome software!

My problem
I need to organize tons of images in a couple of categories.
I struggled with other software to do that. but they were crashing or hanging because of the volume of images to manage or index.

I tried paperwork on a little number of images and it worked well.

Do you think paperwork will be able to handle that big number?
Is it possible to put to paperwork index on a shared volume and use it from different computers?
Is it possible to create categories or tags easily?

Put simply
My main concern is to manage a big volume of images. Is there some tips or best practices to do that with paperwork?

Thanks a lot


I have tested Paperwork with only with up to about ~2000 documents. In the statistics, you can see the biggest user has about 7500 documents.

I honestly doubt it can scale up to the millions.

Thanks a lot :+1: