Hi all,

I don’t know, but when I try to access it from iOS, Windows, macOS, from Tor Browser, and all of them from different ISP, the website shows an error like « the connection was lost » or « a connection couldn’t be made ».

I must say, I’m redirected from « » to « » first, then I have an error. Is there a known issue?


There are no known issues, and this is really weird since:

  • and are hosted on the same VM. If you can reach one, your should be able to reach the other.
  • I’ve checked from a remote server, and as far as I can tell, works fine.

My bad, the only thing in common in all my tests was Safari… Safari on iOS and macOS show an error (see attachment).

My different tests (proxy, VPN, tor, etc…) were done on Safari macOS and Safari iOS (Google on iOS, Tor on iOS, etc… Are all using the safari engine anyway). But Chrome macOS or Windows are fine. I would have agreed it’s my computer or phone, but both is strange as I can’t really alter iOS. Could you also confirm me it works for you if you have Safari on either platform please ?

Sorry, I cannot check, as I have neither MacOS nor iOS.

Maybe someone else here does ?