Libinsane 1.0.8


I’ve released Libinsane 1.0.8.

Main changes are:

  • workaround ‘dedicated_process’: Fix crash on s390x architectures (thanks to Elliott Sales de Andrade)
  • Sane + normalizer ‘min_one_source’ + normalizer ‘all_opts_on_all_sources’:
    Fix crash with scanner have no option ‘source’: ‘min_one_source’ creates a fake item, and this fake item must not return any option when get_options() is called. Otherwise ‘all_opts_on_all_sources’ crashes.
  • workaround ‘dedicated_process’: Fix reading from the stderr output of the worker process.
  • From 1.0.7: workaround ‘dedicated_process’: fix crash on 32bits systems.

As usual, information regarding Libinsane are available at

ChangeLog is available here:

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