Libinsane 1.0.3

Mail posted on the old mailing-list the 2019/10/14:


I’ve released Libinsane 1.0.3. It is a bugfix-only release.

Main changes are:

  • Various documentation improvements (many thanks to Vasilii Blazhnov
  • Sane: Fix: When getting number lists (for instance the possible resolutions),
    do not drop the last value.
  • Safebet: Fix support of Canon Lide 30 (driver Sane plustek ; and possibly
    other scanners with a similar problem): Reorder the workaround/normalizers
    to make sure the Libinsane does not switch the option ‘source’ too many
    times. Otherwise the (buggy) driver ends up using the wrong source, with a
    wrong scan area.
  • WIA2: Fix: Canon i-SENSYS MF3010: can be called with argument
    ‘plibNewPosition’ set to NULL.
  • WIA2: Fix crashes caused by drivers that keeps using the IStream after
    releasing it (implies a small memory leak at each scanned page … :/).
  • WIA2: Fix: When an invalid device ID is passed as argument of
    impl->get_device(), it now returns INVALID_VALUE instead of UNKNOWN_ERROR.
  • WIA2: Fix: When requesting the children of a child item, return an empty list
    instead of an error (like other implementations)
  • WIA2: Handle correctly some other error codes that may be returned by the
  • Sane: Fix support of Black&White output (mode=Lineart).
  • All APIs: Fix impl->base_name (previously, multiplexer always set it to
  • Fix compilation as a 64bits library on Windows.

As usual, information regarding Libinsane are available at

Detailed ChangeLog is available here:

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