Libinsane 1.0.2

Mail posted on the old mailing-list the 2019/10/14:


I’ve released Libinsane 1.0.2.
It seems I also forgot to send the email for Libinsane 1.0.1, sorry :/.

1.0.1 and 1.0.2 are bugfix-only releases.

 Main changes are:

2019/08/18 - 1.0.1:

  • Sane: make sure sane_cancel() is called at the end of all scans
    (required by some drivers)
  • Sane: Fix memory leak when opening an invalid device. (thanks to
    Elliott Sales de Andrade)
  • WIA/Twain: Fix reading bits-per-pixel from BMP header on big-endian
    CPU (thanks to Elliott Sales de Andrade)

19/10/14 - 1.0.2:

  • Libinsane/gobject:
    Added mising flag Libinsane.CAPABILITY_INACTIVE.

  • Sane:
    when the application expect one page, do not request a second one (fix
    unittests timeout).

  • WIA2:
    Use the option ‘dev_name’ to figure out the manufacturer name and the
    device name. It is the only reliable option.

  • WIA2:
    HP Photosmart C4200, Epson Perfection V30/V300:
    When getting the scanned image, allow calls to seek(SEEK_SET, current_position).

  • WIA2:
    Ignore sources that are not explicitely a flatbed or an ADF (for
    instance 0000\Root\Auto: It is simply not supported by Libinsane).

  • TWAIN: Fujitsu fi-6130 / fi-6130dj:
    Keep reading Windows message queue while waiting for the DSM callback
    to be called with the value ‘ready’. If we don’t, the DSM callback never
    gets called.

  • normalizers/opt_aliases:
    Fix: When using option aliases ‘tl-x’, ‘tl-y’, ‘br-x’ and ‘br-y’, with
    WIA2, if the lowest values for ‘xpos’, ‘ypos’, ‘xextent’ and ‘yextent’
    don’t have (0, 0) as minimum values, inaccurate
    values were set in WIA2 frame options.

  • workarounds/cache:
    Fix: do not drop the item type (root, adf, flatbed, etc).

  • normalizers/resolution:
    If the driver does not specify any constraint for the option
    ‘resolution’, put one default constraint.

  • normalizers/safe_defaults: Sane + Fujitsu fi-6130dj:
    Cannot set the option ‘page-height’ to the maximum: Scanner rejects
    it. Option must be set to slightly less than the maximum.

  • normalizers/safe_default: Sane + Epson Perfection 1250:
    If the default value for an option is out of the range specified by
    the option constraint, do not change it.

  • workaround/opt_names: Sane + Canon Pixma MX520:
    Take into account that somes backend provide both an option
    ‘resolution’ and ‘scan-resolution’. In that case, do not generate an
    option ‘resolution’ that would be an alias for ‘scan-resolution’, just
    keep ‘resolution’ as is.

  • normalizers/source_names: Sane + Canon CanoScan Lide 30:
    Normalize the weird source names specified by the plustek driver.

  • Sane + Canon Lide 220:

    • workarounds/check_capabilty: Some options are marked as non-readable
      (INACTIVE) but may still be writable (for instance the option ‘source’).
    • normalizers/source_nodes: If the option ‘source’ is marked inactive,
      still try to set it, but do not return an error if setting it fails.

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