Libinsane 1.0.10


I’ve released Libinsane 1.0.10.

Main changes are:

  • New error code: LIS_ERR_OFFLINE: returned when attempting to use the scanner
    and the scanner is offline.
  • normalizers/raw24: fix unpacking of 1bit images (pure black&white).
  • New workaround for Sane: ‘hide_source_auto’:
    remove sources ‘Auto’|‘Automatic’:
    those source behavior depends on the scanner and they cannot be used reliably.
  • New workaround for Sane + Brother scanners: ‘invalid_page_size’:
    some Brother scanners/drivers report there are still pages in the feeder (when there are none),
    but when requesting the next page, we get an absurd size (2500x0 for example).
    → in that case, this workaround just ends the scan session properly.
  • dedicated process: do not try to log messages through the log socket if one of the socket has just died
    (happens if the master process crashes)
  • dedicated_process: disable backtrace support when another Libc than GLIBC is used
    (ex: musl) (thanks to Bernard Cafarelli)
  • dedicated_process: fix build with some Libc (thanks to Bernard Cafarelli)

As usual, information regarding Libinsane are available at .

ChangeLog is available here: .

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