How to use paperwork 2.x on a Debian 11 (Bullseye)

For a few days I test Paperwork on a windows PC. I also use a Linux Debian 11 System and want to use paperwork on all my systems. The paperwork version on Debian 11 is 1.3.x. Is it possible to use Paperwork 2.x on a windows system and parallel use Paperwork 1.3.x on a debian system with same files in a shared drive?
I would prefer to use the same version on windows and linux but I didn’t find a description of a simple way to install version 2.x on Debian.
How can i comply this requirements?


you can install the latest version using flatpak:

Regarding using it on a shared drive: yes this works. I made good experiences.
But pay attention: if you configure the papers folder to be on a network drive, you might have long startup times because the tool checks for changes at every startup. I recommend to use a local folder and synchronize the local folders of your computers with a sync tool. I am using syncthing and that works fine.
Using the same folder on a NTFS partition in a dual boot system will work.

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