Heads up: Paperwork 1.99.2


I’ve tagged the version 1.99.2 of Paperwork (AKA Paperwork 2.0 RC 3).

There aren’t that many known bugs left. The remaining tickets are mostly about making sure that some scenarios work fine (for instance importing many gigabytes of PDF files in one shot). So we are clearly near the release of 2.0.

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Good news, everyone !

I’ve closed the last ticket on Gitlab for Paperwork 2.0. There are still some known issues, but they are considered minor enough to not block the release.

At the moment, unless someone reports a blocking bug or that many people suddenly report the same issue, the release of 2.0 is planned for the end of this week.

So now is the perfect time to try Paperwork 1.99.2 :slight_smile:

By the way, there is something I’ve forgotten:

It would be great if some people using distributions other than Debian/Ubuntu/Mint would send me the instructions to enable Saned for Flatpak on their GNU/Linux distributions. It would allow me to complete this part:

You can send a merge request (mostful useful if you want your name in Git history and in Paperwork credits) or simply send me the instructions by mail or on this forum.