Go bindings for Libinsane

Good afternoon everybody sitting at home!

I’m writing a Libinsane bindings for Golang. It’s called lisgo and probably isn’t the masterpiece of software since I’m a beginner in Go and C is totally forgotten by me, but it works (at least on Windows) )). I didn’t use GObject introspection cause I coulnd’t find any working Go bindings. So I used plain C and cgo. It lacks tests and I didn’t try it on Mac and Linux, but I’m gonna fix that. If you’re interested, please take a look at https://github.com/foenixx/lisgo and maybe give it a try. You can download precompiled alpha-release at github. With it, you can list scanners and sources options, scan to pdf and different image formats. I even use it when I need to scan something at home since it’s simple and command-line. Any feedback is very appreciated!

BR, Oleg

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