Feature Proposal: Guess date

When I’m scanning in receipts or bank documents they all have a date and I have to manually put this in. Because paperwork has OCR’d the document could there be a way to ‘guess’ the date by looking for date patterns within the document and suggesting this is the date for the document just scanned in?


This would be an good feature to have indeed.

However, as you can imagine, it wouldn’t be easy. Date formats are not the same depending on the user language. For instance, in French, it’s dd/mm/yyyy, while in English it’s mm/dd/yyyy. And even then, for each language, there are many ways to write a date.

I’m not aware of any opensource library or program already doing that.

Still I guess it would be worth a try. I’ll have a look after Paperwork 2.0 release.

I know dates are tricky. I’m a programmer myself. If you already have the persons local from their computer then you could assume the stuff they are scanning in is of the same locale. It would be more of a suggestion, if it cannot work it out just leave it as todays date.