Encrypt document library?


Is it possible to encrypt or password protect Paperwork personal documents? I previously used a different document management system and it allowed to set libary encryption so that documents couldn’t be read without a password. Just wondering if there’s a way to do that with Paperwork.



Paperwork doesn’t provide encryption (it’s not part of its job), but you can use third-party programs for that.

On GNU/Linux, my whole laptop is encrypted using LUKS. On Windows, for instance, you can use BitKeeper or Veracrypt. I use Nextcloud to synchronize my papers, and the server-side encryption is enabled.

If you want to encrypt only your documents in Paperwork, you must make sure the following are encrypted (~ = /home/xxx on GNU/Linux and C:\Users\xxx on Windows):

  • your work directory (default is ~/papers)
  • the index (~/.local/share/paperwork2)

Note that if you really want to secure things, I strongly recommend encrypting your whole home directory, or even better, your whole system.

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