Donation Link on your gitlab Page doesnt work

Hey there,

how can i donate you money? The Patreon Link doesn’t offer me to make my donation. Can you fix this please?


Thanks a lot for this great software! I really want to use it for the rest of my life.



Sorry, I’ve stopped accepting donations a while ago. The main problem is that my activity on Paperwork is not constant, and it didn’t feel right accepting money even when I’m not really working on it. For instance, at the moment, I only do basic maintenance, but no active development.

The only kind of donations I still accept are paper scanners.

The link you found should have been erased. Can you point me to the page that still has the donation link so I can remove it please ?

Hello Mr Flesch,

the link is on the main gitlab page under donations.
i think you could create an extra bank account for this project and let the money flow in as it comes. Maybe someday you will revive the development with the grown money pot or hand it together to a university student. Maintenance is also very important and should be paid.