Couple questions on search

First, let me say I’m loving the software, so thank you to the folks working on it.

Now for the questions:

  1. Is there any way to have the document view jump to the page with your search term and navigate between multiple occurrences of the term within a single document? As an example, I have a doc that is a 240 page book on math in nature and while the document comes up as a hit when I search for “l-system” and occurrences of l-system in the book are highlighted when looking at the appropriate pages, I don’t see anyway to quickly jump around to hits in the doc like Evince does.

  2. Is search supposed to ignore quotes? When I search for “l-system” (with the quotes) across my library, I get hits on everything that contains the word system.



This one was actually possible Paperwork 1.x but not yet in Paperwork 2.x. Paperwork 2 was a full rewrite and this feature is actually fairly complex to implement correctly (knowing if a keyword is in a document is actually much easier than finding where it is in the document). However it’s on the TODO list: #480.

Actually no, it doesn’t ignore the quotes. But it does a bunch of things that makes it look like it’s ignoring them:

  • the - appears to be considered equivalent to a space
  • fuzzy search is enabled: it tolerates a difference of 1 character between what you search and what is actually in the document. This is required because OCR may introduce typos at times.

In the end, it looks like Python-whoosh assumes it can ignore the keyword “l”.

If you want to know more regarding searching, you can have a look at Python-whoosh’s documentation (it’s the search engine used in Paperwork)