Better export options like in mp3tag

I understand you somehow need to have “your” structure in folders and files for Paperwork to work.
My main reason why I’m looking at other DMS right now is that I’m worried Paperwork will be discontinued at some point and then I have thousands of documents named “Paper 1.pdf”.

An export function which lets me manually chose how my exported file will be named would be awesome.

I imagine something with checkboxes / or % modifiers like in mp3Tag, so when I’m exporting files, I can do:

%dateYYYY-MM-DD-%label1-%keyword and I get 2021-09-22-work-invoice.pdf
alternatively: with a checkbox i’d like to check [] date and [] label and then my exported pdf will be 2021-09-22-work.pdf


Interresting idea. I’ve created a ticket for it (#1005)

For now, if you feel like it, a way to work around this problem would be to make your own shell script with paperwork-json