Backend - frontend

I’d like to have a workflow like this:

  • scan document to network share
  • have the file server (in my case synology nas) scan and index the document
  • use paperwork gui from my notebook (linux) to use the paperwork database

I read that the project is already split into backend and frontend, but I didn’t find any information how to run the needed backend(?) jobs somewhere automatically without the gui.


With the current version, when you install paperwork-backend, you get a shell command called paperwork-shell. You can use this command to script things the way you want. Unfortunately, the command paperwork-shell scan comes from the package paperwork-gtk, displays the scan on-the-fly in a GTK window, and therefore requires GTK (and a display). This is something that has been fixed in what-will-be-Paperwork-2.0.

Hi Jerome and thanks for the answer!

I’m more interested in the ‘import’ command (because the scanner scans the document as .pdf to a file share by pressing the button at the scanner). Does it also need gtk?


No it doesn’t.

paperwork-shell chkdeps will show you any missing dependencies (some dependencies cannot be installed using Pip, and some other dependencies vary based on your locale). If paperwork-gtk is not installed, paperwork-shell chkdeps won’t try to install GTK.