Automatically push documents to the Paperwork

Is there any way that whenever any new document is created on any specific directory ( whether its downloaded and saved or created by me), automatically is imported in paperwork?

Can we do it and is it a good idea?


There is no such feature at the moment. However there is a way to speed up PDF imports:

  • when importing, you can pick a folder. `Paperwork will then look in this folder for PDF files (or images). Each PDF will be imported a document.
  • and there is a little known feature of Paperwork: it never import twice the same PDF. It automatically ignores the PDF files it has already imported.

With that in mind, my usual workflow at the moment is:

  • downloading all the PDF I want to import in a directory (~/tmp/pdf)
  • going in Paperwork
  • click “Import”
  • and select this folder.

Do you know if I can write some custom script for it.

Yes you can with paperwork-cli/paperwork-json import