Installation on a synology nas

Hello everyone
ATM, I’m using the windows client with the documents stored on a synology DS920.
I’m considering to install the linux version on my NAS.

I’m quite new on docker but I’m willing to learn and started to practice by creating an image with a linux distrib and papework package.

But many questions and some issues, where I woud appreciate you support.
I’m hesitating between Archlinux and ubuntu. Which one would be the more efficient/simple to run paperwork?
Is my idea of a docker container a good idea to run on a syno nas, or is there a better approach?

Thanks in advance for your advices


I think there is some confusion here.

Paperwork ( ; the one to which this forum is dedicated) is unrelated to Docker. It’s a document manager. It’s a GUI application to install on any desktop or laptop computer (Windows or Linux).

Are you talking about this Paperwork: ? This Paperwork is a web application to install on a Linux server. It’s a note-taking application.

Thank you Jerome for your quick reply.
Nope, I’m indeed talking of, the tool for lazy guys to store docs and use tags to retrieve them, and get rid of papers.
I’m already using the windows version, but I store my scans on my NAS (almost 800 I think). Issue is that, every time I open the app on windows, load of index, etiquettes and other stuff takes a long time. I imagine that I could keep it run on a container, and use it when needed.
I’m ready to try to do the work on docker, I’m here to see if you think my idea is feasible or unreallistic, and to provide me advices in case you have in ordr to save time (otherwise I’ll learn by mistakes, that’s not an issue)

Docker is made to run network services. You won’t be able to start a GUI application in it (not easily anyway). So in Docker, you could only use paperwork-shell, which by itself won’t be enough for an everyday use.
Also GUI applications cannot be detached or attached at will.

I must say I’ve never tested Paperwork with a NAS. But I’m actually surprised that starting Paperwork is so slow for you. Do you know how many documents you have ?

851 folders, then 851 documents, and 10mn to load.
(approx 2 mn to start, but then it takes 6 minutes to examine all documents (that are unchanged), then 2 min to generate labels).

Hm, seems weird to me. To give you some reference: On my disk M.2 SSD, it takes 10 seconds to start Paperwork and check 2562 documents. Of course, NAS are slower, but here we are talking about a factor of x100, which is surprising to me.

that’s indeed weird… I will try to copy locally all files and changed the path to see if the issue if due to the network folder use.
I keep u informed, thank you for your help

I made the test with a local copy of files, and paperwork is indeed immediately responsive with local folder. shared network drive is then the issue. I’ve moved the files to the syno cloud drive with local synchro and I’m able to keep the same good performance.
That’s then solve my issue. (still however wondering what I could do by using a containerized app… but that’s not compulsory anymore… I might try when I’ve time)
A big thank for your precious help

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I make good experience to use Paperwork on different workplaces by using Syncthing. It keeps the local folders up to date and I have the fast startup time of the local SSD.

Sorry that I cannot support on the Docker question.

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